What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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T-minus one day until AUSTIN. We cannot believe it. I have been meaning to post this for about two months now, but better late than never! Especially now that the dress is as low as $29!

I found this flowy off the shoulder dress and thought it would be PERFECT for a summer wedding! The dramatic sleeves add a bit of texture and formal-ness to the dress! This particular one really could work for a more causal wedding or a more formal one, just by changing up the shoes.

I know a lot of people (including myself) find it nerve wracking to dress for a summer wedding! Your dress cant be too long, too short, oh no what if “formal” means black tie, what if its raining, what if its hot, what if this and what if that. It’s so easy to over think!

I’ve narrowed it down to a few tips that I swear by!

  1. Make sure you fully understand the dress code! If its an outdoor wedding, its probably less likely to be black tie than if its in a ballroom, but if you really don’t know, air on the side of more formal and just wear less dressy shoes (or vice versa).
  2. Don’t wear white. Seems obvious, but I’ve been to three different weddings where I’ve seen guests wearing white. Just don’t do it! If its off white, very light “pink” or even remotely resembles white, find a different dress!
  3. If you’re likely to spend the night on the dance floor, comfortable shoes are a MUST.
  4. If the dress is shorter than your fingertips, its probably too short. I know we learn this in middle school, but hey, it works!

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