Tinsley Day

A year ago today, my husband’s family was coming to visit us from Richmond, VA. Instead of doing typical D.C. brunch/museums/walk the mall (which we’ve all done quite a few times at this point), we decided to go to lunch, and stop by a dog adoption event after. Kevin’s sister (love you LO), LOVES animals, so we figured it would be an extra special treat to get some puppy love. The event was from 12-4pm, and there were 45 puppies set to be there that day!

We planned to get there around 3ish, so most of the dogs would be gone and we would be less tempted to bring one home. Side note: Kev and I were planning on getting a golden retriever sometime this year (2017), so we really weren’t looking to adopt a pup that day! Low and behold, we get to the event at 3pm, most of the pups are gone, and little Tinsley (who was named Jessie at this point) was sitting in a little crate all by herself. Kev ran over to her immediately, picked her up and said “we need to bring her home!”.  We walked around the pet store with her for 30 minutes hiding down the rows so other people looking couldn’t snatch her up, and finally decided (lets be honest, we knew it from the start) that she was ours. We really didn’t stand a chance with those beady eyes she had staring at us.

We adopted her through a rescue called Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. They aid in the rescue of puppies and kittens whom are at risk of euthanasia by shelters in Mississippi and other states in the South.  Since 2015, Wolf Trap Animal Rescue has successfully adopted over 1,400 dogs & puppies, and 119 cats & kittens!  Their mission is to support a life-saving foster, transport, and adoption program which was developed in order to rescue young animals in danger of being euthanized in Mississippi from overpopulation.  The transports help relieve the shelters from overcrowding, thus allowing additional time and resources to be spent on the older, less adoptable residents of the shelter that would otherwise be euthanized. 

For more information on the rescue/upcoming adoption events, feel free to check out their website here.

Kev and I joke that Tinsley was the best, worst, least thought out, decision ever. She’s some sort of a terrier, lab, shepherd breed, and has the funniest personality with A LOT of energy (as you can see from these photos)! She doesn’t stop moving and has eaten everything we own, but we wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Hoping your day is as wonderful as you are!

All photos courtesy of Abby Grace Photography, from our photo session last May!

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