So, why a blog?

Hi loves!

I feel as though this is long overdue, but welcome! For three years now, I’ve wanted to start a blog for several reasons, mainly:

1) to create a space to discuss little tidbits that interest and inspire me: from fashion styling to food

2) to share my effort at an intentional life with hopes of inspiring other women to be their best self, as well.

I’ve had conversation after conversation with my husband, Kevin, about whether or not I should do this. Would people judge me? Would I be excited about it for a few weeks and then stop? What if no one enjoys what I produce?

After a completely terrifying yearly exam, where I was told “it could be a cyst, but it’s probably a tumor” (most likely benign, and more on that later), here we are. It’s time to start saying no to anxiousness, and putting my passions out there! I want this space to be a place where you can always find honesty, great recipes, and affordable, classic, but trendy fashion styling.

So why a blog? I’m such a believer in documentation. I have more photos on my phone than it can hold, so many notes of memories in an old journal I’ve had for years, and have been called a “mail hoarder” by my wonderful husband. I just can’t let go of the cards and letters I’ve received! To me, there’s so much beauty in memories. So that’s one side. The other is one of a desire for creativity…

 Luckily for me, my day job in digital media allows me to be creative, something I’ve learnt that I NEED day to day.  The spaces I feel most creative is in fashion and food. Cooking is my stress relief.  It’s something I’ve done since I was old enough to hold a spoon. My mom always made the effort to include me in her cooking and baking projects. It was our time together. Over the years, I’ve found this unspoken joy in making somethingwith someone in mind. There are few things better than that.

My years growing up were rough in the confidence department. I grew up in Hong Kong and moved here, and was that weird girl that didn’t dress like everyone else. Skip forward a few years- and here we are! I’ve found a lot of confidence in figuring out how to dress for my body with not only pieces I love, but pieces that make me feel good. This ability has given me confidence to put myself out there and to be who I am. I find now that I’m constantly trying to find new ways to style pieces and looking for great deals on high quality items.

I believe beauty is so much deeper than clothing and products. My goal is to provide a little light in the world and help other women find confidence in the little things.

So, before I write a 20-page novel here, the thing I most want to discover alongside you is a life of intentionality.



Photo by the lovely Abby Grace Photography!

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  1. I’m ready excited about this and the fact that this gives me a way to keep up with you! (And steal your style 😍) love you to the moon and back! Can’t wait for more! ❤

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